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Using laminated wood, and wood in general, is an ecologically responsible and sustainable building method. Wood is the only building material which can be grown and when managed properly, forests can continue to provide both the resources needed for building materials, an ecosystem for other plants and animals, and oxygen that supports life across the planet.
In addition, trees, during growth, stock up carbon dioxide while returning oxygen. When a tree is used as building material, the building becomes the container of CO2. The CO2 is only released into the environment when the wood is burned.
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  • Open House Event in Sandy - Oct 2016 Open House and Halloween costume contest with Sandy Trick or Treat Trail took place in Sandy City, Oregon. (more...)
  • PowerBuild System Framing Demonstration - May 2016 PowerBuild System Framing Demonstration at Sandy Idleman Park Project was launched in Sandy City, Oregon. (more...)
  • Participation in Mass Timber Conference - March 2016 Suteki America and Vanport International attended the Mass Timber Conference at the March 2016 in Portland, Oregon. (more...)
  • Suteki America Partners with Vanport International - 2015 Suteki America partners with Vanport International to bring the PowerBuild Structures system to North America.
  • PowerBuild Structures North American Debut - February 2014 PowerBuild Structures North American debut at the February 2014 National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) show in Las Vegas, Nevada. (more...)
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